> On-the-spot activities

  • Big spaces put at the disposal of families by the owner to make the children play.
  • Practice of the hike from holiday cottages under all forms (bike, MOUNTAIN BIKE, running, Trail) by discovering landscapes and big spaces of low mountain range, in a natural, wild and peaceful decoration with a view of the gorges of Allier, Velay and mountains of Ardèche. 
  • Picking of wild fruits (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, hazelnuts) by discovering in a different way the charms of the landscape.
  • Picking of mushrooms in our forests of beeches or pines nearby.
  • Line fishing with a quality and a diversity of the streams which represent a wealth. The amateurs of peach (ponds, lakes, brooks, numerous rivers nearby) can quench their passion, throughout the streams of the region.
  • Discovery of the covered with snow landscapes the winter. Practice of the stroll in rackets and the cross-country skiing.

> Activities to Saugues

  • Weekly markets with any businesses and services
  • Tennis, riding, bathing in swimming pool or ecological stretch of water
  • Annual party of Madeleine in July
  • The Celtic festival in Gévaudan in August
  • The Fantastic museum of the Animal of Gévaudan which restores by characters and sound effects, the atmosphere of terror which reigned between 1764 and 1767 in the region
  • The Tower of the English people
  • The Diorama Saint-Bénilde
  • The chapel of the Penitent
  • The cyclosportive Pierre Chany in August with departure to Langeac and passage in 8 km of holiday cottages.

> Activities in the surroundings

  • The gourmet restaurants of the valley of Allier
  • The city of the Puy en Velay
  • Sports of waters (rafting, canyoning) to Monistrol of Allier
  • Saint Jacques's trail in June with departure of Saugues and arrival to the Puy en Velay on a big part of the GR 65 way of Saint Jacques de Compostelle.
  • Climbing on the site of Cubelles
  • The nature reserve of Sainte Eulalie's wisents
  • The shadowing of Calquières to Langogne
  • The National Museum of the Resistance of the Mont Chauvet to Auvers
  • The castle of Esplantas
  • The Salmon farming of Top-Allier,
  • The Merovingian village of the Montchauvet in the canton of Saugues
  • The lake of Charpal (in the South of the massif)
  • The breeding of cervids of the Farm of Fiougage to saint Amans
  • The museum du Guesclin to Chateauneuf de Randon
  • The Museum of High Auvergne and the Alfred Douët museum to saint Flour
  • The Museum of the Metal industry to saint Chély d'Apcher

  • The Ecomuseum of Margeride-Haute-Auvergne to Ruynes-en-Margeride

 > More distant activities

  • Vulcania near Clermont-Ferrand
  • Park with wolves of Gévaudan in Saint Lucie near Marvejols 
  • The playful garden of the Valley of Villaret to Bagnols-les-bains
  • Resort of Alpine ski of Lioran.

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